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How To Prevent Accidents when Inflating Tires

How To Prevent Accidents when Inflating Tires

Issue Time:2017-12-01

The following are some tips to avoid accidents:


  1. Verification of instruments to avoid excessive pressure during inflation:
    • Adjust the compressor to the recommended pressure;
    • Ensure that the manometer is in good working order;
    • Check the airtightness of the valve;
    • Correctly install the tire on a compatible rim;
    • Inspect the tire for any defect in the weave of the tire cord, as well as any cracks, bulges, or broken reinforcing belt/reinforcement wire. In case of doubt, get rid of the tire;
    • Inspect the safety cage for any defect or weakness in the welds;
    • Both the tire and the rim must be at the same temperature as the surroundings.
  2. Safe inflation
    • Place the wheel in a cage that is in good condition and strictly reserved for this type of work;
    • The cage must not be attached to the ground (unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer);
    • Use a clip-on air chuck with an air hose extension supplied with a control valve and a manometer;
    • A remote control is suggested;
    • The worker should be alone and attentive to unusual noises and concentrated on the behavior of the tire within the cage;
    • The worker must wear safety glasses, gloves and safety boots;
    • The ground nearby should be clear of any obstacles;
    • The cage should have 92 cm (36”) clearance around it, and when it is used, the operator must stay at least 3 meters (10’) from the cage (in the working area).

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