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Product sharing - Tire stacking rack

Product sharing - Tire stacking rack

Issue Time:2018-06-06

Product sharing - Tire stacking rack

At the end of the year 2017, our two sales Melody & Grace made new breakthrough in tire stacking rack industry. This year, Huameilong expanded two tire pallet production bases with annual volume more than 300k sets.


Today, they shared us the tyre rack knowledge and the key of success. 

The two hot selling tire rack models are HML-W6060 and HML-W7272.  

These racks are highly strong and durable to store tires in huge numbers and also allowing easy methods of loading and unloading the tires. Also, these racks are so designed that will keep the tires fixed at their places, allowing easy transportation in bus and other means.

HML-W7272 with bottom mesh & forklift guide
Huameilong understands the use and importance of tire rack in warehouse so we have come up with the most exclusive range of tire racks allowing customers to design the one of their choice for better management and efficiency. 
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