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What is a cargo storage roll container

What is a cargo storage roll container

Issue Time:2018-08-01
What is a cargo storage roll cotnainer?
Brief introduction

The container adapts to the ambient temperature: -25 °C -80 °C (try to avoid sun exposure and close to the heat source). Its also called a rolling cage, roll cage trolley, is a unit mobile assembly equipment for transporting and storing materials with four casters. It is often used for logistics distribution in large supermarkets or logistics turnover between factory operations. The nestable roll cages becoming the most important material handing equipment for logistics industry to make the production line space do its best.


During transportation, the products stored in the trolley are eye-catching: On the one hand, it protects the safety of materials. On the other hand, it does not cause messy products that have been sorted. Loading and unloading is very labor-saving; the wheels are usually designed as two directional wheels, and two universal wheels which are convenient for manual implementation. The nestable roll cages can bear the weight according to the cargo design.

At Huameilong, we currently produce the following standard sizes of roll cages (Click to see the details):

Customized, OEM & ODM are all available!

Model NO.
LxWxH mm
Loading capacity (kg)
Load in 1*40HQ (sets)

Structural features:

1.The cage casters are all equipped with normally 5- two fixed & swivel with/without brakes.

1. Make the production line space do its best in logistic or manufacturing industry

2. Save manpower, reduce costs, to achieve high capacity, high quality

3. The mainstream product of material handling, to ensure the safety and reliability of personnel and goods in the process;

4. The storage space is large and flexible, and the foldable collection does not occupy space.

5. With the label plate and clear process operation, the transportation is light and flexible and easy to operate.

6. High mobility, great structure with zinc/hot-dip galvanized/ powder coating finish, long service life.

7. Can be attached to a safety belt, the fixed rod loading and unloading speed is fast, can be transported together with the truck, can be folded and stored, does not occupy space for transportation.

8. Professional design, easy to operate, save time and effort. Widely used in the logistics and distribution industry and processing and manufacturing industries. 

In a word, roll container is a must-have for handling small items, handling, storage, and display for multiple purposes. Come and send us an inquiry, Huameilong will offer you a free solution & quotation!

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