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The third quarter meeting - Huameilong

The third quarter meeting - Huameilong

Issue Time:2018-10-19
The third quarter meeting - Huameilong

Yesterday, Huameilongs trading department held the third quarter meeting of the year 2018. Our sales team, on-line marketing team and ocean operation team shared their fully prepared PPTs to summarize the second quarter and make a plan for the forth quarter.

Each of us shared the improvement, new experience and mistakes weve made, inquiries, customers and orders weve got. 

Some people or the new staff come to Huameilong may ask, why do you have so many meetings? Isn't a waste of time?

Of couse not. From a meeting, 

1. everyone can improve the ability of making a good PPT and a public speech. 

2. We summarize to help a better improvement, we plan to better finish the goal. 

3. The most import thing is that, each meeting, all of us learnt a lot from others. 

So meetings are very necessary, and it has been one of the Huameilong's culture.

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