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Company news

  • Why Did Coca - cola Choose To Cooperate With Us
    Why Did Coca - cola Choose To Cooperate With Us
    Our company has provided over 20000 sets of metal cage products for the coca-cola group and won high praise from all customers. How do we work with big companies like Coca-Cola? how do we get the order of 10000 units at one time? how do we do a bulk orders with 0 complaints?
  • Easter Day 2020
    Easter Day 2020
    Easter is a sign of hope and rebirth. Easter in 2020 lost the atmosphere of previous festivals due to the epidemic, but after today, I believe we will all be "reborn".
  • Mask donations by HML to fight against Covid-19
    Mask donations by HML to fight against Covid-19
    Coronavirus is spreading rapidly worldwide, HML is trying our best to buy the masks from last week and sending them to our customers for free.
  • The first knowledge contest
    The first knowledge contest
    Huameilong's first knowledge contest was held and ended successfully today!
  • 2018 Huameilong Medical Examination
    2018 Huameilong Medical Examination
    Huameilong employees had the annual medical examination of the year 2018.
  • The third quarter meeting - Huameilong
    The third quarter meeting - Huameilong
    Yesterday, Huameilong’s trading department held the third quarter meeting of the year 2018.
  • Team activity in September
    Team activity in September
    On 15th, Sep. our international sales department experienced a day of an artist, everyone enjoyed the day very much!
  • Happy Teacher's Day
    Happy Teacher's Day
    The meaning of “Teacher”
    A teacher is a capable person who is worth learning in a certain area and can bring you some correct knowledge and guidance.
  • Attentive service every time
    Attentive service every time
    Established in 1993 HUAMEILONG. We pride ourselves on our friendly customer-centric approach and our technical expertise.
  • Product sharing - Tire stacking rack
    Product sharing - Tire stacking rack
    Huameilong expanded two tire pallet production bases with annual volume more than 300k sets in the year of 2018
  • 1.Linkedin experience sharing
    1.Linkedin experience sharing
    For people who are new to the international sales position, Huameilong is a good place to learn, about all kinds of knowledge & experience
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